Answering God’s Call in New York’s Hudson Valley

photo of the sun in someone's hands with a blue sky and cumulus cloudsFor entrance into our Poor Clare life, we accept women between the ages of 22 – 50 who are in good health and show promise of living a contemplative community life. In addition to the age requirement, we encourage those women who show an aptitude for gospel life, of prayer in community and openness to the signs of the times.

When we speak of formation we necessarily speak of “personhood” and the principles which underlie formation and which look forward to realizing God’s original plan for each individual. Six years are devoted to initial formation: one year of postulancy, two years of novitiate, and three years or more in temporary vows. During this time, the sister participates in classes relating to religious and sacramental life, the Vows, the Rule and Constitutions and most especially to our Franciscan/Clarian charism. She learns through experience how her life in solitude and community does influence and radiate Christ’s love throughout the whole world. Our hope is that each God-given vocation matures according to the design freely sketched out by the Spirit for every individual.